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Add 1 The efficacy of TranQuin® Day Formula supplement on psychological stress in university students 23683
Add 2 The effect of OsteoEze Gold™ on pain and functional ability in osteoarthritis of the knee 21177
Add 3 Die belangrikheid van die informele sektor in die Suid-Afrikaanse ekonomie 7325
Add 4 Cervical spine manipulation versus proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation of the cervical spine in the treatment of mechanical neck pain 4595
Add 5 The involvement of trade unions in the prevention of HIV infection 4149
Add 6 Value engineering within a changing telecommunication market 4054
Add 7 The use of carbon nanotubes co-polymerized with calixarenes for the removal of cadmium and organic contaminants from water 3033
Add 8 'n Inleidende literatuurstudie tot die onderrig van denkvaardighede 2992
Add 9 Strategic organisational transformation: the role of learning, leadership and culture 2807
Add 10 An assessment of the impact of the Skills Development Act (97 of 1998) on South African courier companies 2803
Add 11 Chiropractic adjustive therapy on sprint time and vertical jump height in rugby players 2578
Add 12 The impact of urbanization on the basic services delivery by the municipalities in Gauteng Province 2559
Add 13 "A stick to beat other women with?" Margaret Atwood's Penelopiad as a response to Homer's Odyssey 2448
Add 14 A wallet-less mobile payment system using near field communication (NFC) 2372
Add 15 Evaluating the quality of EIA scoping reports associated with hazardous waste management activities in South Africa 2302
Add 16 A case study of total quality management in a manufacturing and construction firm 2261
Add 17 Vicarious liability of banks for fraudulent conduct of their employees 2044
Add 18 The causes and consequences of indiscipline in public and independent secondary schools : a comparison 2031
Add 19 Service oriented architecture governance tools within information security 1995
Add 20 The South African Local Government National Capacity Building Framework of 2011 : critical future considerations for 2016 1988
Add 21 Wet compression versus dry compression in refrigeration cycles working with pure or non-azeotropic refrigerant mixtures for air-conditioners 1957
Add 22 The effect of cervical spinal manipulation on elbow flexion torque 1881
Add 23 The effect of costovertebral adjustment versus ischaemic compression of rhomboid muscles for interscapular pain 1869
Add 24 Invloed van satanisme op die geestesgesondheid van adolessente 1839
Add 25 The rape of the Sabine women : Ovid Ars Amatoria, Book I: 101-134 1821
Add 26 Cost and schedule overruns on construction projects in South Africa 1802
Add 27 Implications of the parol evidence rule on the interpretation and drafting of contracts in South Africa 1740
Add 28 Riglyne vir die toepassing van die Wet op Kindersorg (Wet 74 van 1983) deur die maatskaplike werker 1723
Add 29 A critical comparison between how the rights of employees are affected by winding-up and business rescue proceedings 1692
Add 30 Impacts of primary energy constraints in the 21st century 1665
Add 31 Psychological and immunological interaction in the asymptomatic phase of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome. 1662
Add 32 The sources and obstacles of post-commencement finance in South Africa : a comparison with the United Kingdom and Australia 1590
Add 33 Riglyne vir die fasilitering van strewe na heelheid van die pasiënt met VIGS deur die verpleegkundige. 1589
Add 34 Die funksionering van die algemene skolastiese aanlegtoets (ASAT) in verskillende groepe 1584
Add 35 Numerical kinematic and kinetic analysis of a new class of twelve bar linkage for walking machines 1579
Add 36 Onderwysbestuurseise in die hantering van konflik onderrigpersoneel aan tegniese kolleges 1560
Add 37 Academic's experiences of a merger in higher education 1559
Add 38 Energy generating performance of domestic wastewater fed sandwich dual-chamber microbial fuel cells 1557
Add 39 The importance of growth, innovation and strategy in engineering entrepreneurship 1544
Add 40 Development of a project management maturity measurement model to evaluate project management efficiency in a large parastatal 1540
Add 41 Ontwikkelingsbeleid vir post-apartheid Suid-Afrika 1540
Add 42 The role of strategic leadership in strategy implementation 1530
Add 43 The role of Bargaining Councils in dispute resolution in the private sector 1499
Add 44 The impact of the National. Credit Act (NCA) on risk in the South African banking system 1463
Add 45 Quality management practices of small and medium enterprise contractors in the Gauteng low income residential sector 1455
Add 46 Restitutio in integrum in die Suid-Afrikaanse kontraktereg 1441
Add 47 Natural scientific paradigms and the management of psychological differences : an exploratory study 1435
Add 48 Deposition of single-phase Cu(In,Ga)Se₂ thin films 1430
Add 49 'n Ondersoek na taalhoudings en persepsies van graad 12 leerders in drie Afrikaanse hoërskole in Johannesburg 1426
Add 50 Exploring counsellor burnout and personal accomplishment in organisations that empower abused women 1416