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Add 1 The effect of OsteoEze Gold™ on pain and functional ability in osteoarthritis of the knee 1943
Add 2 The efficacy of TranQuin® Day Formula supplement on psychological stress in university students 1884
Add 3 Invloed van satanisme op die geestesgesondheid van adolessente 1357
Add 4 Die belangrikheid van die informele sektor in die Suid-Afrikaanse ekonomie 1291
Add 5 Value engineering within a changing telecommunication market 1118
Add 6 Strategic organisational transformation: the role of learning, leadership and culture 1112
Add 7 Die funksionering van die algemene skolastiese aanlegtoets (ASAT) in verskillende groepe 1033
Add 8 The involvement of trade unions in the prevention of HIV infection 999
Add 9 'n Ekonomiese analise van die aard, omvang en bydrae van invoerbelasting in die Suid-Afrikaanse ekonomie 967
Add 10 'n Ondersoek na taalhoudings en persepsies van graad 12 leerders in drie Afrikaanse hoërskole in Johannesburg 915
Add 11 A critical comparison between how the rights of employees are affected by winding-up and business rescue proceedings 885
Add 12 Wet compression versus dry compression in refrigeration cycles working with pure or non-azeotropic refrigerant mixtures for air-conditioners 862
Add 13 The sources and obstacles of post-commencement finance in South Africa : a comparison with the United Kingdom and Australia 854
Add 14 The South African Local Government National Capacity Building Framework of 2011 : critical future considerations for 2016 840
Add 15 The use of carbon nanotubes co-polymerized with calixarenes for the removal of cadmium and organic contaminants from water 817
Add 16 Ontwikkelingsbeleid vir post-apartheid Suid-Afrika 802
Add 17 Numerical kinematic and kinetic analysis of a new class of twelve bar linkage for walking machines 795
Add 18 A psycho-educational programme for abused and neglected children 784
Add 19 Cost and schedule overruns on construction projects in South Africa 773
Add 20 The rape of the Sabine women : Ovid Ars Amatoria, Book I: 101-134 772
Add 21 Academic's experiences of a merger in higher education 763
Add 22 Exploring counsellor burnout and personal accomplishment in organisations that empower abused women 747
Add 23 Vicarious liability of banks for fraudulent conduct of their employees 743
Add 24 Die onderwyser as faktor in die leermotivering van leerlinge in die sekondêre skoolfase 741
Add 25 Soil resource management - key to successful mine closure 733
Add 26 Social masquerade: a theoretical and practical analogy as applied to selected case studies of battered women in Johannesburg 728
Add 27 Die paradigmaskuif wat 'n tradisionele AGS pastor moet ondergaan vir effektiewe gemeentemobilisasie. 717
Add 28 The implementation of adaptive methods of assessment (particularly amanuenses) at four schools in the Gauteng East District of the Department of Education 708
Add 29 Die ontwikkeling van 'n bekwaamheidsmodel vir die beroep van die landbouvoorligter 698
Add 30 Dry needling versus cervical spine manipulation combined with dry needling of infraspinatus muscle myofascial trigger points 693
Add 31 'n Ontleding van enkele ondernemingskomponente nodig vir strategie-implementering 693
Add 32 Die ervaring van vroue na 'n spontane abortus 682
Add 33 Die betekenis van die informele sektor : kleinskalige vervaardiging in KwaNdebele en Venda 680
Add 34 A study to determine the effect of homoeopathic Baptisia tinctoria (3ch, 15ch and 30ch) and Thuja occidentalis (3ch, 15ch and 30ch) on the growth production of streptococcus pyogenes and Candida albicans respectively 676
Add 35 Die invloed van elektronkonsentrasie op die spindigtheidsgolfgedrag van 'n Cr+ 0.2 at.% Ir-allooi 674
Add 36 The role of strategic leadership in strategy implementation 667
Add 37 'In the twilight of the Azanian Revolution': the exile history of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (South Africa) : (1960-1990) 659
Add 38 Coloured women leaving abusive spousal relationships: a phenomenological study 658
Add 39 Geregtigheid en regverdigheid as demokratiese beginsel : implikasies vir die onderwys 656
Add 40 Re-mining Johannesburg: urban redevelopment through the treatment of acid mine drainage 653
Add 41 Geological controls on no. 4 seam roof conditions at New Denmark Colliery, Highveld Coal Field, Karoo Basin, South Africa 650
Add 42 Quality management practices of small and medium enterprise contractors in the Gauteng low income residential sector 647
Add 43 Controlling risk in a town house development : a case study 647
Add 44 "A stick to beat other women with?" Margaret Atwood's Penelopiad as a response to Homer's Odyssey 646
Add 45 The computer incident response framework (CIRF) 644
Add 46 Chemical analysis of medicinal and poisonous plants of forensic importance in South Africa. 641
Add 47 Die interaktiewe bestuur van 'n vennootskap en die kontinuiteit na ontbinding 638
Add 48 Openbare betrekkinge as agent tot gedragsverandering in perspektief 637
Add 49 Ontwikkeling van 'n besluitnemingsmodel vir geselekteerde bedryfsaktiwiteite 633
Add 50 The effect of OsteoEze Gold™ on the inflammatory marker CRP and quality of life in osteoarthritis of the knee 628