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Add 1 The role of ABET programmes in the development of rural black women in the Mkhuhlu area. 5156
Add 2 Members of the University Council, 1983 3373
Add 3 Lede van die Uitvoerende Komitee van die Senaat, 1982 2925
Add 4 The effects of combined low level laser therapy and mesenchymal stem cells on bone regeneration in rabbit calvarial defects 2783
Add 5 Khuze girl, Centocow Mission 2565
Add 6 Student Representative Council of 1974/75 2270
Add 7 Die blanke werkskuwe in Suid-Afrika: enkele biografiese kenmerke. 2109
Add 8 RAU-Stigtersvereniging 2001
Add 9 RAU Klub-67 1981
Add 10 Mr. H.O.K. Zastrau, Mr. Alan Mcintosh, Prof. P.J. Nienaber and Prof. G. van N. Viljoen looking at a 300 year old book 1898
Add 11 Members of the SRC, 1980-1981 1825
Add 12 Members of the Executive Committee of the Senate 1652
Add 13 Ingobozi or ingceke, Xesibe basket, Mount Ayliff 1627
Add 14 The Student Representative Council, 1972/1973 1620
Add 15 An interbattery factor analysis of the Comrey personality scales and the 16 personality factor questionnaire. 1597
Add 16 Die invloed van stikstofdioksied op die ultrastruktuur van plante 1572
Add 17 Economics 1B (Degree) 1502
Add 18 The effect of OsteoEze Gold™ on pain and functional ability in osteoarthritis of the knee 1500
Add 19 An experiment study of flow pattern and pressure drop for flow boiling inside microfinned helically coiled tube 1477
Add 20 Ngwane girl, Emmaus 1477
Add 21 Business Management 1B 1455
Add 22 The rector and senior officials during a visit to the site where the new university will be temporarily situated 1452
Add 23 School principals and career guidance teachers visit RAU 1422
Add 24 Callers commenting on various issues: E Cape bi-election results 1420
Add 25 English 1D 1416
Add 26 Binary permutation sequences as subsets of Levenshtein codes, spectral null codes, run-length limited codes and constant weight codes 1407
Add 27 Die sintetiese bepaling van organisasiedoeltreffendheid. 1406
Add 28 Lede van die FAK Hoofbestuur 1395
Add 29 Public International Law 1390
Add 30 The first payment of the donation of R20 000 1384
Add 31 Die verband tussen tydoriëntasie, diepte-oriëntasie en lokus van kontrole. 1371
Add 32 Die swemblaas as moontlike bykomstige asemhalingsorgaan by varswatervisse 1331
Add 33 The effects of microstructural evolution and mechanical behaviour of unalloyed medium carbon steel (EN8 Steel) after subsequent heat treatment 1317
Add 34 Die beroepsoriëntasie van professionele rekeningkundiges tydens die vroeë beroepsjare. 1314
Add 35 Lap shear and impact testing of ochre and beeswax in experimental Middle Stone Age compound adhesives 1302
Add 36 Prof. G. van N. Viljoen and prof. H.B. Thom looking at the F.A.K. book donation 1286
Add 37 FADA research newsletter, issue 15, 2011 1281
Add 38 Meeting at Ongandjera, 16 September 1954 1277
Add 39 Invloed van satanisme op die geestesgesondheid van adolessente 1269
Add 40 Moment balancing templates: constructions to add insertion/deletion correction capability to error correcting or constrained codes 1264
Add 41 Liquid scintillation teller 1263
Add 42 Business Management 1B 1248
Add 43 Memoirs of a born-free : reflections on the rainbow nation 1243
Add 44 Members of the Department of Education 1240
Add 45 Unfinished liberation and fractured class struggles 1232
Add 46 Chairman of the Discussion group : Church/University, Prof. G.J Hauptfleisch 1231
Add 47 Microstructure and mechanical properties of ultra-fine grained copper processed by equal channel angular pressing technique 1228
Add 48 Evaluating challenges faced by small and medium enterprises in managing new technology 1225
Add 49 Aanbieders van kursus vir siviele ingenieurs, 1984 1214